ARP Car Accessories

      ARP was founded in 2000 in Turkey, with a vision to contribute and take part in car spare parts and accessories industry of automotive sector. Within a short period of its start, ARP diversified and enlarged its production range, and started to manufacture aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, and polyurethane car accessories, such as; front protection bars, side step bars, rear protection bars, ceiling luggage racks, and tow bars, just to name a few. ARP products are suitable for a wide diversity of vehicles, including pick-ups, SUVs, 4WDs, light and heavy commercial vehicles.

      As ARP, we always plan the future and strive to create designs and innovations to bring a new understanding to spare parts and accessories sector. Keeping customer satisfaction and perfectionism in our minds at all times, we continuously increase our products quality to become one of the most sought and an international brand.

      As for international business, we devoted ourselves to challenging targets, and in 2007 we were honored TURKISH EXPORT CHAMPION, by Minister of Foreign Trade of Turkey.

      Parallel to its manufacturing portfolio, we also started to perform as a reliable OEM manufacturer. Following a research and development stage, we started to manufacture the steering wheels for BMC Auto Inc., trucks, busses and midi-buses. Research and development studies are ongoing also for other brands for various types of vehicles.


Providing solutions that are suitable to our customers’ needs and share our experiences with them,

To perform best manufacturing and business practices that conforms to the laws, regulations and legislation,

To create safe working environments that are also environment friendly, and to protect the nature,

Within the frame of these objectives, taking responsibility of the work we do and create correct projects,


      ARP, being a leading organization who takes quality and sustainable development in domestic and international markets as its sole principle, aims to create projects that are sensitive to human and environment and by this way to create continuous customer satisfaction.


  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction,
  • Zero Defect
  • Sustainable development
  • Health, safety, environmental issues, focusing on
  • Adherence to laws and regulations